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  • “Disability is another strength!”
    We are all different.
    Disability is different.
    Strength comes from differences.

Public service for Persons with disabilities

Supporting projects for promotion of disability
rights and elimination of social discrimination
Academic Research
We attempt to reinterpret disability in a new light through an open mind about diversity. We support disability research in a variety of disciplines to eliminate prejudice against disability and lay the academic foundation in disability research through the research activities and results. We sponsor the whole process of research including funding, consultation, journal publication, presentation and awards ceremony.
  • 2016 논문연구사업 계약증서 전달식
  • 2015 논문발표회 연구자·자문교수 단체사진
  • 2015 우수논문 발표 (박홍근, 허준기 연구자)
  • 2015 논문발표회 현장