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  • A World where Disability is a Strength
    The Disability is a Difference.
    Difference is another Strength.



Supporting projects for promotion of disability
rights and elimination of social discrimination
HERB PROJECTS Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities aims to construct a society where disability is recognized and respected as an individual’s personality, like a herb has its own characteristic and aroma.

For this, KFPD conducts twelve Herb projects named after the meaning of the herb. KFPD creates “a world where disability is a strength”, based on the core purposes: creating a harmonious and coexisting world, making happy changes in the lives of the disabled, promoting a culture of sharing and sharing values, and creating a basis for independent living.

Core Purpose

  • HHarmonyCreating a harmonious
  • EEmpowermentLeading a happy life
  • RRaising donationPromoting a culture of
  • BBarrier freeCreating an environment
                for independent living