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  • “Disability is another strength!”
    We are all different.
    Disability is different.
    Strength comes from differences.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
2014 History
  • 12Month
  • KFPD holds Herb Sharing event “Time of Animal Paintings and Sharing” KFPD holds 4th Distribution Committee Samil Accounting Corporation conducts an accounting education seminar, “Year-end tax at a glance” for disability organizations Convenience facilities constructed to improve the working environment for the disabled, “Make Work Easy”
  • 11Month
  • KFPD holds the Herb Sharing aroma candle making event KFPD holds an Academic Research Project conference and publishes a journal KFPD awards the Health and Welfare Minister Award for the Academic Research Project Publication Publicity Project Special Series 4, “Partnership of people with disabilities and experts” is published and a book concert is held International Exchange Project “Disability Activists Convention” held
  • 10Month
  • KFPD publishes the disability awareness magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.8” 2015 Support Projects are announced 2015 Academic Research Project is announced
  • 09Month
  • “Herb messenger 9th” holds starting ceremony
  • 08Month
  • Entertainer Ahn Sun-young is appointed as honorary ambassador KFPD’s reformed homepage introduced KFPD conducts the Disabled Youth Dream Support Project "Job Concert-Challenge, Accountant!"
  • 07Month
  • “Herb messenger 8th” holds disbanding ceremony KFPD funds organizations selected for special planning projects(105,000,000 won)
  • 06Month
  • Homepage opens to provide free legal counseling online for people with disabilities Accounting education for disability organization staff, “Master Withholding tax!”
  • 05Month
  • KFPD holds the 1st Councilor Meeting KFPD holds the 1st Special Distribution Committee KFPD publishes the disability awareness magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.7” Special planned projects are announced(solidarity projects, international conventions, co-operation projects)
  • 04Month
  • KFPD publishes the 2013 Annual Report JTBC airs the public advertisement video promoting disability awareness “Herb messenger 8th” holds starting ceremony
  • 03Month
  • Shinhan Card delivers disability welfare funds(1,000,000,000 won) KFPD holds the 1st Advisory Committee KFPD holds the 2nd Fund Management Committee Agreement with law firm Yulchon and incorporated association Onyul to provide free legal counseling support KFPD awards excellent organizations for the 2013 Support Projects (4 organizations)
  • 02Month
  • 2013 financial audit is conducted 50 organizations are selected and funded for regular competition projects(737,444,750 won)
  • 01Month
  • KFPD publishes the disability awareness magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.6” 5 research teams are selected and funded for the Academic Research Project (7,500,000 won)