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  • “Disability is another strength!”
    We are all different.
    Disability is different.
    Strength comes from differences.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
2018 History
  • 12Month
  • The 81st meeting of the Board of Directors The 4th meeting of the Distribution Committee Provided the support fund to 13th, 14th, 15th selectors by the emergency aid program Hosted the campaign for Improvement of Disability Awareness(advertised through subway and daily newspaper) Reported on the performance of program, " Improvement of Disability Awareness and support for safe life" Held the reporting meeting of the overseas study program, "Community care system and individual budget system for the disabled“ Held completion ceremony of the educational program(“Career Jump-up Class”) for encouraging reemployment of the developmental disbled Final evaluation of “Sports program Aid project” for the handicapped The Korea Teachers’ Credit Union(KTCU) granted funds for project of supporting educational equipment aid for disabled teachers Entertainer Ahn Sun-young held bazaar(“Love Bazzar”)for fundrasing the scholarship program(“Dream of Spring”) for the disabled children
  • 11Month
  • The regular audit of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Announced the grant program in 2019 Announced “Reinterpretation of Disability” Thesis support project for 2019 Published the thesis and held the presentation of thesis support project
  • 10Month
  • The 80th meeting of the Board of Directors Lotte Home Shopping delivered fund to produce audio books for blind children Singer B.A.P Fan club Pretty big Sisters, delivered donations for "Culture and leisure business for the disabled." Conducted the campaign, “Real consideration for persons with disabilities” Evaluated thesis support project and selected the excellent thesis Conducted project “Dream Car”, reparing vehicle for the disabled(the second half)
  • 9Month
  • Conducted the talking concert("Obladi Oblada“) for Improvement of Disability Awareness Held the ceremony for Improvement of Disability Awareness contest
  • 8Month
  • The 79th meeting of the Board of Directors The 3rd meeting of the Distribution Committee Hancom delivered funds for improving information accessibility for the disabled The Closing ceremony of the 14th Herb Messenger, the student ambassadors Published the 14th issue of the journal, ‘A crack, opening the world’
  • 7Month
  • KFPD reached a business partnership agreement with the SK-innovation, Seoul Vocational Training Center for the Developmentally Disabled regarding the project, "Job training for developmentally disabled" New job training : "Career jump-up class" conducted for Re-employment of persons with developmentally disabled KFPD conducted an interview for The program of Physical education for disabled
  • 6Month
  • Lee gang-won is appointed as the 4th secretary general KFPD conducted to train instructors for the awareness of disabilities KFPD supported 11st, 12rd person for the Emergency Support Project KFPD went abroad to the Sweden for an international training project named "Welfare for disabled in Sweden"
  • 5Month
  • SK innovation delivered one hundred million in funding to KFPD Home and shopping delivered funding to KFPD to improve the information access authority of disabled organization Jeil Eye Clinic delivered funding to KFPD for victims of mob violence Car maintenance project for the disabled, “Dream Car Project” was conducted(first half) Funded for improving residential environment of disabled who were suffering from an earthquake KFPD supported 10th person for the Emergency Support Project KFPD supproted their project costs, the program of physical education for 31 disabled organizations KFPD participated in university life exposition "UnivExpo“
  • 4Month
  • KFPD held the 1st examination for instructor certification of disabled awareness KFPD conducted instruction on Wheelchair rugby and debate KFPD reached a business partnership agreement with the Samsung Claim Adjustment Service Co regarding the project, "Dream Car Project" which is about maintaining cars KFPD held the hand-written Event of “Obladi Oblada” on the day of persons with disabilities “Herb messenger 14th” held starting ceremony KFPD instructed to an organization who were selected for the support project KFPD selected people who are abroad in Sweden for an international training project KFPD awarded three best organizations who were selected from “the financed projects” in 2017
  • 3Month
  • KFPD Published teaching materials of in-service education for Disability Awareness In-Service Education for debate of education for Disability Awareness ‘s teacher KFPD conducted the concert of “Obladi Oblada” Supported free daily newspaper for 287 disabled organizations to improve participation of social network
  • 2Month
  • KFPD supproted their project costs for 31 organizations KFPD supported a research fund for 6 research teams KFPD supported their project costs for the education of Disability Awareness for 3 disables organizations Conducted “Assistance Equipment for Disabled Teachers” with the Korean Teachers Credit Union
  • 1Month
  • Minoz, fan club for the actor Lee Min-ho, supported rice to disabled household with low income The Korean Teachers Credit Union delivered a fund to KFPD to assist equipment for Disabled Teachers