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  • A World where Disability is a Strength
    The Disability is a Difference.
    Difference is another Strength.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
2012 History
  • 12Month
  • “Herb messenger 6th” holds starting ceremony Shinhan Card delivers disability welfare funds(1,500,000,000 won)
  • 11Month
  • 2013 Peppermint Academic Research Project is announced 2012 Donor thanks ceremony “Dream the Same Dreams.” Thanks Party KFPD holds the 2012 Academic Research Project conference, journal publication and awards the Health and Welfare Minister Award
  • 10Month
  • 2012 Hub-Ring Campaign, Sharing You! Sharing Relay Disability Culture Identity Book Concert ‘Talk Let’s Be Frank’
  • 09Month
  • Publication&Publicity Project Special Series2 『Disability Culture Identity』 is published
  • 08Month
  • KFPD holds the National Disability Activists Convention “Herb messenger 5th” holds starting ceremony
  • 07Month
  • 5 organizations are selected and funded for 2012 annual planning projects (253,400,000 won)
  • 06Month
  • KFPD publishes magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.3”
  • 05Month
  • 3 organizations are funded for special planning projects (146,014,000 won)
  • 04Month
  • KFPD holds the 2012 Herb Sharing Campaign
  • 02Month
  • 66 organizations are selected and funded for regular competition projects (895,760,000 won) “Herb messenger 4th” holds disbanding ceremony
  • 01Month
  • 5 research teams are selected for the Peppermint Academic Research Project(10 million won)