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  • A World where Disability is a Strength
    The Disability is a Difference.
    Difference is another Strength.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
2015 History
  • 12Month
  • International Exchange Project, “Disability welfare service delivery system” seminar is held (Co-hosted by Na Kyung-Won, member of Parliament) Community Chest of Korea selects KFPD for the performance management distribution project (Disability Awareness project) KFPD publishes the disability awareness magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.10”
  • 11Month
  • Public awareness campaign sheld(YTN Radio, Seoul Metro Line 2) KFPD holds an Academic Research Project conference and, publishes a journal 2016 Academic Research Project is announced KFPD holds the 2016 Support Projects information talk 2016 International Exchange Project “International exchange ideas” competition is held
  • 10Month
  • KFPD publishes the Sustainability Report 2016 Support Projects are announced Honorary ambassador Ahn Sun-young interviews on “KBS Love Family” “Herb messenger 11th” holds starting ceremony KFPD participates in the 6th Korea Sharing Festival
  • 9Month
  • KFPD holds the 1st Awareness Improvement Competition Awards KFPD conducts an accounting education seminar for disability activists,“Reporting fulfillment of withholding tax”
  • 8Month
  • KFPD holds the 4th Fund Management Committee Head Consultant Lee Young-ae delivers a donation for the “normalization of soldiers victimized by mine explosions” Honorary ambassador Ahn Sun-young transfers a revenue of “Sale of cherished goods and works of disabled artists”
  • 7Month
  • KFPD conducts the International Exchange Project for disability activists “Herb messenger 10th” holds disbanding ceremony Voiceeye software agreement
  • 6Month
  • Lee Young-ae is appointed as the Head Consultant Choi Byung-mun is appointed as the Consultant Lawyer
  • 5Month
  • KFPD participates in MBC Sharing Festival See·Care·Spring KFPD participates in the university life fair, “Univ Expo” KFPD holds exhibition of animaliers with developmental disabilities(Lapiz Sensible invited) KFPD participates in the Korean Academy of Disability and Welfare Spring Conference
  • 4Month
  • Lee Sung-gyu is appointed as the 3rd Chairman of the Board KFPD publishes the disability awareness magazine “A Crack Opening the World No.9” "Public awareness campaign" promoted through newspaper Announcement of the 1st Awareness Improvement Competition Awards(UCC video) special planning projects KFPD conducts accounting education for disability organization activists and staff KFPD holds the “Making Herb Sharing aroma candles” event with honorary ambassador Ahn Sun-young
  • 3Month
  • KFPD establishes the Distribution member selection committee Lim Hee-dong(former judge) is appointed as legal counseling committee member “Herb messenger 10th” holds starting ceremony KFPD awards excellent organizations for the 2014 Support Projects (3 organizations)
  • 2Month
  • 2014 financial audit is conducted KFPD holds the 3rd Fund Management Committee 44 organizations are sponsored for regular competition projects(616,670,210 won) 5 research teams are sponsored for the Peppermint Academic Research Project(7,500,000 won) Disability awareness public campaign video shown on TV Chosun Agreement on the collaboration with MBC Sharing social contributions
  • 1Month
  • “Herb messenger 9th” holds disbanding ceremony Publication&Publicity Project Special Series 5 ‘Disability, Individual and Society’ is published Publication&Publicity Project Special Series 6 Recommended book subscription