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  • A World where Disability is a Strength
    The Disability is a Difference.
    Difference is another Strength.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
2020 History
  • 9Month
  • Provided support fund to the 25th and 26th recipients of Emergency Aid Program Tesa Tape Korea Ltd. sponsored COVID-19 emergency fund
  • 8Month
  • Conducted training program for working-level personnel for persons with disabilities Launch ceremony for Dream Voice Supporters, an audiobook production company for visually impaired children Award ceremony for the awareness improvement contest for persons with disabilities Home & Shopping sponsored car air purifiers
  • 7Month
  • Free subscription to daily newspapers for groups with disabilities TV Chosun’s trot competition show “Mr. Trot” donated to the National Chartered Bus Transportation Business Association
  • 6Month
  • The 2nd and 3rd meetings of the Special Distribution Committee Provided support fund to the 24th recipient of the Emergency Aid Program
  • 5Month
  • The 90th meeting of the Board of Directors The 10th Fund Management Committee Final evaluation of the 2019 grant program and award ceremony for outstanding organizations Support for the 23rd recipient of the Emergency Aid Program Distributed COVID-19 infection prevention kits
  • 4Month
  • The 1st meeting of the Distribution Committee Samsung Medical Center donated infection prevention kits for COVID-19
  • 3Month
  • The 89th meeting of the Board of Directors Started a fundraising campaign, emergency support for persons with severe disabilities during COVID-19 Published the 16th issue of the journal “TEUM”
  • 2Month
  • The 88th meeting of the Board of Directors 2019 financial audit Evaluated the dissertation support project
  • 1Month
  • Support for the 21st and 22nd recipients of the Emergency Aid Project Delivered dietary supplements to improve health among persons with disabilities Conducted fundraising campaign to support children and youths with disabilities Lotte Homeshopping and Entertainer Yang Jun-il donated a fund for music education for children with disabilities at the Seoul National School for the blind