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  • “Disability is another strength!”
    We are all different.
    Disability is different.
    Strength comes from differences.



Creation of a World
where Disability is a Strength
The Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities(hereinafter “Foundation”) aims to achieve the full participation and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities, and works to construct a ‘society where disability is a strength’. The Foundation supports the activities of disability organizations that strive to promote the rights and freedom of persons with disabilities, and to eliminate any kind of discrimination and oppression based on disability.

The fund-raising activities of the Foundation aims not only to collect funds for the Foundation but also to promote the citizens’ understanding and participation for the rights and freedom of persons with disabilities.

The Foundation administrates, manages, and employs the financial resources provided by public donations and disability welfare funds justly and efficiently. To that end, the Foundation establishes a code of ethics to be observed by all employees, and pledges to practice it faithfully.
  • 01We perform our tasks justly and faithfully in compliance with the Ethics Charter, based on a full understanding of the mission and goals of the Foundation.
  • 02We raise funds on the basis of voluntary donations of citizens, ensuring confidentiality of the donors, and
    respect the will of donors.
  • 03We strive to meet the distribution demands in an equal
    way, and respect the beneficiaries.
  • 04We form an organizational culture in which individual
    and organization development can coexist, so that executives and staff can have pride and respect for the Foundation.
  • 05We pursue the values and interests of the public based
    on the trust of the citizens, and contribute to social development.